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Bodhisattva Statues

Bodhisattva Statues

The term Bodhisattva refers to someone on the path to Awakening. According to Tibetan Buddhism, a Bodhisattva is one of the four sublime states a human can achieve in life (the others being an ArhatBuddha, or Pratyekabuddha). The Mahayana has conceived them as having renounced the ultimate state out of pure compassion towards all beings, and can therefore refers to anyone en route. In non-Mahayana Buddhism, it usually refers either to Maitreya, the Buddha of the Future, or to the historical Buddha Gautama prior to his enlightenment - either during the life in which he became enlightened or in one of the innumerable lives before that in which he was developing the requisite virtues for enlightenment, such as generosity. 

Buddha Statues online features wide collection of Bodhisattvas such as Chenrezig Avalokiteshvara-1000 Armed lokeshvara , Manjushree, White Tara, Green Tara, Samantabhadra, Ksitigarvha, Vajrasattva, Vajradhara and more in various sizes, carvings in high quality finishing. These all statues are made under traditional hand making process known as Lost Wax Casting Technique.

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