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Vajrasattva Statue

Vajrasattva Statue
Model: BSO7273003 Stock: In Stock
This is 8 inch size vajrasattva shakti union statue in full gold gild or plated statue...
Model: BS72574 Stock: In Stock
Vajrasattva Antiquated Finish Statue..
Model: BS72575 Stock: In Stock
Vajrasattva Antiquated Statue..
Vajrasattva Full Gold gilted statue
Out Of Stock
Model: BS72576 Stock: Out Of Stock
Vajrasattva Full Gold gilted statue..
12" Vajrasattva Gold Gilted Statue
Model: BS72577 Stock: Pre-Order
12" Vajrasattva Gold Gilted Statue..
Model: BS72407 Stock: In Stock
This vajrasattva statue featured in fine carvings with 3 color settings in exclusive carving and finishing...
Model: BS72408 Stock: In Stock
This is exclusive quality vajrasattva statue sitting in double lotus asana with gold plated and gold paint on face...
Model: BS72421 Stock: In Stock
This is full gold plated smaller size statue of vajrasattva in fine quality...
Model: BS72500 Stock: In Stock
Vajrasattva Copper Small Statue..
Model: BS72501 Stock: In Stock
Vajrasattva Fine Quality Statue..
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