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Buddha Statue Online exclusively presents wide collection of figurines & statues of buddha like shakyamuni gautam buddha, aparmita amitayusbuddha, amitabha buddha, dhyani pancha buddhas, medicine buddha,nirmanakaya buddha, sambhogakaya statue, chenrezig compassion buddha and more. These statues are made of copper, bronze, brass and silver with 24carat gold paint, gold plated and gilded decorated with various semi-precious stones, designs, hand carvings and colorings. 

These statues and figurines are manufactured & produced with the ancinet Nepalese traditional making process & techniques known as Lost Wax method of Casting. 
This method of casting is done by preparing a wax model, covering it with varieties of clay, heating the piece so that the wax is melted , extract the liquid wax so that cavity is created , pouring metal into the cavity , cool it and the original model is translated into the metal image. The metal image out of the casting is very rough. Rough image is then made smooth, chiseling is done to bring precision. This complicated job requires an artist's conception, proper technology, an engineer's perfection and the skillfull hands of a craftsman. The art and skill is transferred hereditary and artisans follow the age-old designs and production technology. Nepalese metal statues are very much popular all over the world due to its authenticity, making process, art work, fine carvings, traditional workmanship and making living from this professions. 

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8" Shakyamuni Buddha Fine Gold Plated Statue

8" Shakyamuni Buddha Fine Gold Plated Statue

This is 8 inches size shakyamuni buddha fine carving with full body gold plated statue..


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