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Statues are traditional metal handicrafts manufactured in Nepal since from the ancient times and still now following the foothpaths and technique by preserving from generation to generation. It consists of buddhism (mahayana, bajrayana, tantrayana) and hinduism god and goddess statues with various art works, fine carvings, gold plating and paintings with complete hand works. These buddha and bodhisattva statues, figurines & idols are manufactured & produced with the traditional making process & techniques known as Lost Wax method of Casting. 
The manufacturing process involves first by casting raw materials of copper alloy by preparing a wax model, teh casted rough metal image is made smooth by chiseling, tehn decorated by fine carvings, face paintings, gold plating, repouse arts,coloring and arts works are done for the final process of statues making. 
In this category, we offer you exclusive collection of art work statues wth the excellent finishings, designs, carvings,  replica of original ancient statue, custom make designed statues ranging from shakyamuni gautam buddha, aparmita amitayus, amitabha buddha, dhyani pancha buddhas, medicine buddha, manjushree, vajrasattwa, meditating buddha, chenrezig statue, changreshi, compassion buddha, ganesha, green tara, white tara statue, wrathful deity statue, guru karmapa, marapa, tilopa, gampopa, naropa, lokeshvara, bodhisattva statue, nirmanakaya representation of buddhas, Sambhogakaya Statues, lokapala statue, dakinis, tantra deities statues,1000 armed avalokiteshvara, tibetan rimpochee gurus, karmapa, hindu gods & dieties of copper, bronze, full gold plated & painted statue, silver statue, oxidised and antique finish,exclusive fine carved statue, specialized art works & decorated statue with colors, silver inlays and many more varieties bringing you online for secure shopping.

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