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Hevajra full gold gilted statue

Hevajra full gold gilted statue
Hevajra full gold gilted statue
Hevajra full gold gilted statue
Hevajra full gold gilted statue
Hevajra full gold gilted statue
Hevajra full gold gilted statue
Hevajra full gold gilted statue
Hevajra full gold gilted statue
Hevajra full gold gilted statue

Hevajra full gold gilted statue with gold painted face.

Hevajra means "Secret Union" or "Assembly of the Secret Ones (Tib. Sangwa-dupa). Hevajra is also know as "King of Tantras".

In Tibet, Hevajra is particularly favored by the Geluk Order, most likely for the antiquity of his texts. Translated in the 8th century, the Hevajra Tantra was one of te first Sanskrit works to be translated into Tibetan. One tradition has it that Shakyamuni Buddha himself proclaimed the tantra the morning after his enlightenment. Other traditions claimed tat Maitreya taught the tantra in the Tushita Heaven, and that the Indian scholar Asanga brought it to the human world in the 4th century. Like other deities of the Unexcelled Yoga tantra tradition, Hevajra is associated with the Buddha Akshobhya. Many texts, including the Hevajra Tantra itself, simply call him Akshobhya or Akshobhyavajara. 

Hevajra with a body blue in colour, eight faces, sixteen hands and four legs. The main face is blue, right white, left red, upper face smoky; the two remaining pairs of faces are black. Each face has three eyes and four bared fangs; yellow hair flowing upwards; the top of the head is marked with a vishvavajra. The sixteen hands hold sixteen skullcups. The first right holds a white elephant, the first left holds the yellow God of Earth; these two embrace the Mother. In the second right is a blue horse; third - ass with a white patch; fourth - yellow bull; fifth - ash-coloured camel; sixth - red man; seventh - blue sharabha; eighth - cat with a white patch. In the second left hand is the white God of Water; third - red God of Fire; fourth - green God of Air; fifth - white God of the Moon; sixth - red God of the Sun; seventh - blue Yama; eighth - yellow Holder of Wealth. Each head has a crown of five dry human skulls; and a necklace of fifty fresh heads; six bone ornaments; the two right legs are extended, on the thighs the toes of the two folded left legs are pressing in the half-[vajra] posture in a dancing manner; possessing the nine sentiments of dancing: grace, strength and ugliness; laughter, ferocity and frightful; compassion, fury and peace. In the lap is the mother Vajra Nairatmya, with a body blue in colour, one face, two hands, three eyes; yellow hair flowing upwards; right a curved knife, left holding a skullcup and embracing the father; five dry human skulls as a crown; a necklace of fifty dry [skulls]; five bone ornaments; left leg extended and the right drawn up embracing the father. Both are standing in the middle of a blazing fire of pristine awareness."

 He gently holds his consort, Sparshavajra, in a intimate embrace. The goddess has six hands and three faces, and is "like her consort," in the words of an early ritual. Sparshvajra gazes upward in rapture, meeting Hevajra´s downward glance. The goddess protects an energy and ferocity that contrasts with the serene countenance of her mate. Being "of the same nature," the divine pair possess similar hand implements. The central pair of hands hold, right and left, a vajra cepter and a bell, the upper pair, a wheel and a blazing jewel; the lower pair, a lotus and a sword. The vajra cepter and the bell symbolize, among other things, the vajra Buddha clan of Akshobhya. The wheel symbolizes the mirror wisdom clan of Vairochana, the lotus the discriminating wisdom clan of Amitabha, the jewel the equality wisdom clan of Ratnasambhava, and the sowrd the all- accomplishing wisdom clan of Amogasiddhi. Thus Hevajra Budha symbolically represents the union of all the Buddha clans. 

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Materials UsedCopper alloy with 24 karat gold plated or gilt and color
GesturesHevajra is considered as secret union, and the king of tantra, his body is blue in colour, has eight faces, sixteen hands and four legs. This is finely caraved hevajra statue with his consort is featured in fully fire gold gilt with gold painted face.
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