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HINDU GODS GODDESS are the shrines of Hinduism and worshipped by hindu clan. It is believed that there are around 3.3 million hindu gods and goddess living in heaven. In hindu mythology lord shiva, brahma, bishnu are the creator of world and all living beings and Indra is king of gods. Hindu People worship their god and goddess by making idols and statues. Hindu statues such as of lord shiva, parvati, bishnu, brahma - three face, kali, durga, indra, hanuman, asta matrikas, saraswati, chamunda, kaal bhairab, laxmi,ram, sita, sun, moon, yamaraj, ugrachandi, mahalaxmi, guheshowri ,bijeshwori, ganesh, kumar, bhimsen, kubera, maheshwar are popular. These hindu god and goddess are worshipped around the world and mostly in Nepal and India by hindu communities. And some of the god and goddess are commonly worshiped among hindu and buddhist community such as mahakala as bhairaba, shiva, laxmi , ganesha, saraswati, yamaraj, kubera etc.
We have wide collection of hindu god and goddess statues of copper, fully gold plated, partial gold plated, decorated, fine carvings and inlays of various postures and asana bringing you for secure online shopping

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