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LINEAGES and LAMA GURU represents various lineages sect like nyingmapa sect, gelugpa sect, sakyapa and kagyupa sect. The lineages were formed under the name of lama guru and teachers in tibetan buddhism. The five Tibetan traditions do not have inherent identities. They are just conventions, bringing together different lines from different teachers - lines of teachings and empowerments that visiting teachers transmitted in Tibet. 

The Kadam lineage derives from the Indian master Atisha. Tsongkhapa in the late fourteenth and early fifteenth centuries founded the Gelug tradition. The Sakya lineage came primarily from the Indian master Virupa.

The Kagyu tradition has two major lines. One is Shangpa Kagyu, the lineage that the late Kalu Rinpoche headed. The other main Kagyu line is Dagpo Kagyu. This is the line that passed from Tilopa to Naropa and then to the Tibetans Marpa, Milarepa, and Gampopa. After Gampopa, the line divided into twelve lineages among his students and then the next generation of students. Of the twelve, only three are widespread today and known in the West. The Karma Kagyu school was started by the first Karmapa, a direct student of Gampopa. The other two are Drugpa and Drigung Kagyu. 
We present exclusive collection of tibetan lineages guru statues of tilopa, marpa, tsongkhapa, naropa, gampopa, milarepa-milaraspa,atisha, guru padmasambhava, karmapas, jigme lingpa, longchenpa of copper in fully gold plated, partial gold plated, decorated, fine carvings and inlays of various postures and asana bringing you for online shopping.

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Guru milarepa, marapa & guru gompopa set full gold statues

Guru milarepa, marapa & guru gompopa set full gold statues

This is the set of finely carved lama guru milarepa, guru marapa & guru gompopa set full gold statues...


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