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Tibetan Crafts

Tibetan Handicrafts or ritual items are mostly reltated to tibetan buddhism and can be found mostly in nepal since from the ancient times, as it is influenced from tibet and due to trade relationship between Nepal and Tibet. Even in early time, people used to go Tibet to do trade and to show nepalese craftsmanship, they also learned and brought some techniques and method and in needed way nepali people produces and then sells in tibet. Tibetan arts and crafts has been producing from Nepal in the early days as nepali people are expert in art work. One another thing due to tibetan migration in nepal by which then tibetan people worked with their own traditional ways.

Tibetan handicrafts are very much popular in Nepal due to its craftsmanship and genuinety and appreciated by foreigners and tourists. Whether tibetan traditional handicrafts or artifacts most of the crafts still now also produces from Nepal and exported to various countries. 

The Tibetan Ritual crafts are used for ritual ceremonies, offerings, blessings, altars and pujas, mostly it is highly decorated with carvings with gold and silver metal of various artworks such as lucky dragons, eight 8 auspicious good luck symbols, mandala, tibetan calender and more. 

We have very experienced craftsmen and artisans who produces tibetan ritual handicrafts from nepal and had wide collection of tibetan related ritual crafts  like tibetan wares, teapot, ritual objects, Stupas(Chöten), Prayer Flags, Prayer Wheel, Prayer Box Ghau, Ridha Chhukur, Galzen, Chhukun, Gajjur, Sandung, Gyalling, Kangli, Relief Statues, singing bowls, tibetan trumpet, Melung, Moksang, Pappure, Dick, Jhunto, Chhusan, Chhusaang, Sangbhur, Bhumba,Butter Lamps, Gyakko, Ghyakuu, Meditation instruments, Carved & Decorated Insense Burner, Insense Holder, offering bowls, mandala set, repousse metal arts, Gongs, Tingsha, Drums, Bell, Dorje, Phurpa, Phurba-ritual dagger and many other that we bring you for online sales.

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