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Wrathful Deity Statues

Wrathful Deity or Fierce Deity are mostly known as the dharma protector of tibetan buddhism or vajrayana dharma. In Tibet, Wrathful Deity is particularly favored by the Geluk Order, most likely for the antiquity of his texts. Translated in the 8th century, the Wrathful Deity Tantra was one of te first Sanskrit works to be translated into Tibetan. One tradition has it that Shakyamuni Buddha himself proclaimed the tantra the morning after his enlightenment. Other traditions claimed tat Maitreya taught the tantra in the Tushita Heaven, and that the Indian scholar Asanga brought it to the human world in the 4th century. Like other deities of the Unexcelled Yoga tantra tradition, Wrathful Deity is associated with the Buddha Akshobhya. Many texts, including the Wrathful Deity Tantra itself, simply call him Akshobhya or Akshobhyavajara. Wrathful Deitys are dark in color mostly blue and dark red which looks have ferocity. They are like mahakala, vajrapani, vajrakilya, kali, durga, shakti, jogini, vajrayogini, vajravarahi, mahakala, kalachakra, samvara, hevajra,heruka, kurukulla, rahula, yamakanta, chakrasambara, megh sambara, yamantaka, yamaraj and in many forms which looks very furious with the facial, position and asana.

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